Custom mirrors require a great deal of care and preparation to ensure that they are installed properly and will be safely secure for years to come. You can trust the decades of experience that Bay Glass Works has in handling custom mirror installations. When planning out a custom mirror installation we take the time to analyze the project and secure the installation properly. In addition we consider the style of mirror you’re looking for and give you a wide range of options to chose from. Planning out these components in advance allows Bay Glass Works to provide a top-quality installation for any custom mirror project.


Mirror adhesives are used to install large custom mirrors into a countertop backsplash. This adhesive, also known as mirror mastic glue, allows a mirror to be installed directly onto a wall or countertop backsplash. One benefit of using mirror mastic glue is that it leaves the edge of the mirror fully exposed, giving a clean look to the installation while still keeping a secure hold on the mirror.

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